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Hamilton City, CA

Massa Organics is a small family farm located along the Sacramento River near Chico, California. Using sustainable, ecologically-mindful practices, we produce organic, diverse, nutrient-rich crops.

75-pound Pork Package

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75-pound Pork Package


75-pound Pork Package


Our pigs are a mix of several heritage breeds, combining the best traits of Gloucestershire Old Spots, Red Wattles and Berkshires.  We raise them on pasture in rotation with our grain crops, moving them to fresh forage every two or three days.  Their feed is completely organic, and we grow and mill most of it on-site.  We're one of the few farms that does all our own breeding, so we know our animals are treated well from start to finish.

Half of a hog yields approximately 75 pounds of meat and lard, and will consist of a mix of cuts including bacon, breakfast and other sausages, shoulder roast, butt bacon (super delicious! like very lean bacon), and of course pork chops!  Since heritage breeds also have more fat and marbling than modern factory-farm breeds, we'll also include several jars of our lard--great for frying eggs, sautéing vegetables or making flaky pastry.  Since our animals are fed all-organic and are pasture raised, our lard is a clean, delicious all-purpose fat.

This product is for LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY.  You may pick up your meat on the farm, or at one of our farmers market locations.  Please contact us via our contact page to arrange pick-up.

Note:  Our meat is not certified organic.

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