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Hamilton City, CA

Massa Organics is a small family farm located along the Sacramento River near Chico, California. Using sustainable, ecologically-mindful practices, we produce organic, diverse, nutrient-rich crops.


Crazy week!

Greg Massa

We've been absent from the blog for a while now. We took a break for the holidays, with the intention of starting back up in the New Year. But then an enormous storm blew in off the Pacific, with wind gusts approaching 70 mph for more than 12 hours straight. The power went out, trees blew down, roofs ripped off our barns--it was a very wild day! We were actually fairly lucky, in that our strawbale house stays nice and warm with our woodstove, and our electricity was out for less than a day. I have friends that have been out for a week now! Still, our wireless internet connection went down for 5 days, which these days seems almost as bad as the electricity going out. But we're back up now, and will back at the blog soon.

Raquel and I will be at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco this Saturday. If you are around, stop by our booth and say hi!