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Hamilton City, CA

Massa Organics is a small family farm located along the Sacramento River near Chico, California. Using sustainable, ecologically-mindful practices, we produce organic, diverse, nutrient-rich crops.


Whole & Half Hogs


Here’s an economical way to get high quality meat! For only $8/lb, you can get approximately 75 pounds of packaged pork delivered to your doorstep! For a half pig, you will need roughly two cubic feet of freezer space.

Pricing includes the butcher's cut & wrap services. We pick your meat up from our butcher, inventory to ensure all is right, and provide free delivery to the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley. Additional fees may apply for curing and smoking. Place your deposit below.


What to expect from a half pig? 

This list is an estimate and your actual amount may differ slightly. Double this for a whole pig.

– 13 lb of 1” pork chops - total of 20-24 chops
– 1-2 lb tenderloin
– 3 lb spare ribs
– 9 lb ground pork in 1 lb packages
– 15 lb cured ham – can leave as roasts or cut into steaks
– 8 lb cured, sliced bacon – or you can have fresh belly if preferred
– 10 lb shoulder, cut into 3-4 lb roasts
– 4 lb pork butt roast
– 5 lb stew bones – great for making broth for soup or stew
– 8 lb fat – easy to render this on the stove top or slow cooker to make your own lard
– 10 lb extras: head, feet, offal, if desired

$250 Deposit

Why should you buy your pork from us?

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 3.36.35 PM.png

1. Taste!

This should be the first reason you buy any food. Meat is no exception, and you won’t find better tasting pork than ours. We raise “heritage” breeds of pigs that are not generally in commercial production. These heritage breeds grow slowly and live off the land grazing on grass and organic grains from our farm.

Being outdoors and rummaging on the farm has two benefits. First, more movement equals more muscle (meat), which is more red in color than what you may be accustomed to. Second, the pig regulates its body temperature through the winter with more fat, which gives the meat greater marbling. These traits of firmer flesh and good marbling create an eating experience that is unlike cheap grocery store pork. Our Old Spot pigs have a beautiful ratio of meat to fat. The meat is well marbled, making it juicy and tender.

2. Price!

Buying a whole animal means that you get your pork at a discount. Your total cost will be approximately 30% less than if you bought individual cuts of meat from our farmers market stands.